Ras Al –Ain Becomes a Frontline with Many Fleeing

Kurdish-Syrian village of Ras al-Ain along the Turkish border is no longer as peaceful as it used to be. This is because a Turkish incursion was launched last week which saw thousands of people fled the village while some innocent civilians have been killed. Some who could not manage to get away were left in the village and it’s still unclear how they are.

Victims Again

Some of the people in the village had been displaced from other parts of the country but as fate would have it, they found themselves fleeing yet again to find a peaceful place. Hundreds of thousands are fleeing headed to the southern side hoping to find refuge. They have challenges on the safest options considering that they are not willing to enter regime areas and border crossings have been closed. The situation is getting worse as there are still people trapped in the frontline, others are starving while others cannot be reached.

Driving Out Kurdish Fighters

Although they were instrumental in fighting the Islamic State, the Syrian Democratic Forces are considered as a terrorist group since it’s led by People’s Protection Units. The incursion is being led by Turkey-allied Syrian Arab rebels and Turkey’s military. Some have been executed while some rebels continue looting villages. Erdogan on the other side has vowed that his country is not going to declare a ceasefire. 

Humanitarian Groups Leaving

Humanitarian groups have not been left behind as they are fleeing the area since the incursion began. Civilian infrastructures such as water supplies and powerlines not been spared the same as medical facilities. Humanitarian aid has been affected significantly and this is the reason the injured are hardly getting any treatment while those trapped are starving. Foreign staff for organizations such as Mercy Corps, Doctors without Borders and Save the Children have all left the area. 

Nature of Attacks

The attack by Turkey has left many injured, dead and displaced. The strikes are conducted both on the ground and air. From reliable sources, there are ground-based strikes, numerous airstrikes, and sniper fire. All this comes in the wake of US troop’s withdrawal from the war-torn country. The United States of America stated that it would continue offering humanitarian aid to Syria and engage with the country both politically and diplomatically but not militarily. The war has been going on for over eight years.