A Localized Storm in Northern Greece Kills 7

A storm lasting for about 15 minutes injured 30 people and left 6 others dead on Wednesday. According to the reports, the violent winds hit Halkidiki near Thessaloniki in northern Greece, leaving massive damage. The rains made it worse as a caravan was blown away, roofs caved in while other things were blown off by the strong winds. The area is popular with tourists and most of those affected are said to be holiday-makers. 

Seven dead

Among those that died are two Russians, a Czech couple who were blown away with their caravan and two Romanians who were on holiday. Two were killed by a tree while two others died when a roof caved in on them. Among those that were injured was one who was in a critical condition and is receiving treatment in the intensive care unit of a local hospital. Their nationalities were not released immediately. 

In addition to those injured, a fisherman was yet to be accounted for and a search is still being conducted although reports later indicated that a seventh body was discovered. It was not clear whether it was for the Greek fisherman who was missing. 

Massive Destruction

A lot of destruction was witnessed with debris all over, damaged tables and chairs and fallen trees. For the hotels and the properties near the beach and in the affected area, they had to stay without running water and electricity. The temperatures also dropped very low compared to the previous days. Things are yet to get back to normal. 

People Screaming

In a video that was taken during the chaos, people on the beach who were mostly tourists could be seen screaming and running for safety. What worsened things is the fact that there had been no signs of a freak storm. It just happened with consistent lightning at first in the afternoon then came the torrential rains and the storm. 

A state of emergency

Due to the deaths, injuries, and destruction, the government declared a state of emergency. The army could be seen clearing the debris after all was quiet and they provided generators since the properties in the vicinity did not have electricity access. About 140 personnel were involved in the rescue mission in Halkidiki. 

According to reports on the ground, it’s not the first time that the country received such a storm. They are common especially in the month of September to October.