More than 150 Children Rescued from Traffickers

It is quite sad that in the modern world, human trafficking is still very much alive. It is being practiced across the globe and affects both adults and kids. In the recent developments, about 150 kids were rescued during an Interpol led operation. The traffickers have been using several methods to lure the victims.

Children Subjected to Abuse

The children who some of them were as young as 11 were not just moved between Nigeria and Benin were abused during the trafficking. Authorities said that they were tortured physically and mentally.

They Underwent Forced Labor

The children were forced to hard labor in different markets. They are forced to carry heavy loads without pay and during the rescue, authorities met some children ferrying heavy bags of rice. They then live in terrible conditions and no one really cares about this. While some were subjected to forced labor, there were others who became sex workers and were under supervision throughout.

Kids Handed to Local Officials

After the rescue, the kids were handed over to local officials so as not to fall victims again. According to a statement given by the international police agency is that, while some of the kids were taken to shelters, others were taken back to their homes.

47 People Were Arrested

As the authorities rescued the minors, 47 perpetrators were arrested. The police continue with the operation is child trafficking has been a huge issue especially in Nigeria and Benin. Those arrested are still in police custody as investigation continue and they will have to face justice. These are just selfish fish who do not really care what the children go through but rather how much money they can make from the victims.

Trafficking Has Been a Huge Challenge

Trafficking has been such a huge challenge especially in North Africa where women and kids are rescued from time to time. Thousands of people have been forced to prostitution and hard labor even in mining camps. They are lured through faith, employment, and better living standards only to get to the destination and discover that they were trafficked. Most of those affected are from Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Togo, Benin, and Niger.

Apart from West Africa, child trafficking is a menace in other parts of the continent and Asia as well. Thousands are rescued every year with horror stories to tell afterward.