Prominent Saudi Journalist Misses in Saudi Consulate Istanbul, Turkey

On Tuesday, Jamal Khashoggi, a prominent journalist based in Washington entered the Saudi consulate in Istanbul for some paperwork that would allow him to get married to his fiancée after his divorce. This is the last time he was seen according to close sources.


His fiancée said that he waited for him outside the consulate but he never came out. What is even more confusing is that some consulate officials say that he left the premises in less than an hour but the million dollar question is where he is. 


A Wave of Arrests

In the recent past, there have been waves of arrests targeting those that have been criticizing the kingdom’s leadership of Saudi Arabia. Whether you are a journalist like Khashoggi, an activist, a cleric or you are an academician, you are not spared.

Several people have been arrested but the recent case is unacceptable where the journalist has disappeared. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is said to be behind the recent events. 


Jamal Moves to the US

Despite being an advisor to senior Saudi officials, the 59-year-old disappeared in the consulate of his home country. There is no evidence that he left the premises although some diplomatic vehicles were captured going in and out of the building. In the heat 2017, he left Saudi Arabia for Washington where he has been writing from.

He had been warned about tweeting and criticizing Saudi Arabia on the Washington Post. He said that he left his country, his family and job in order to be the voice of the voiceless. 


Turkish Sources Believe He was killed


As the investigations are ongoing, some Turkish sources have claimed that Jamal was killed when he entered the consulate. His body was then dismembered. They believe that this was a premeditated murder due to his involvement in criticizing the Saudi government.

What is not clear according to the sources is how the journalist was killed through a 15 member Saudi team is said to have been involved. It is said the team was at the consulate specifically for that purpose.

Speaking about the disappearance of the journalist, the crown prince said that they would allow the Turkish authorities to search the Saudi consulate in Istanbul despite it being a sovereign territory. Turkish prosecutors are currently investigating the case while protests were conducted near the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul.