The Announcement of Roma Census in Italy Causes An Outrage

An outrage in Italy has been caused by Matteo Salvini’s demands of a Roma census that he says should be held. Recently he was in the news that caused another outrage when he said that his country will not be the refugee camp of the continent.

Speaking about the dossier that was being prepared by his ministry, the Italian Interior Minister said that they needed to understand what the country was dealing with. He referred to the census as the situation or the registry.

The Statement Awakened Memories of Racism

This is not the first time that the Roma and Jewish minorities in the country feel marginalized. The two minority groups released a statement saying that whatever Salvini was planning awakened memories that date back 80 years ago. They were referring to a legislation that was introduced back in the year 1938 by the Fascist regime of Benito Mussolini that was meant to show prejudice.

Social media outrage

Besides the Jewish minorities, the hard-line minister’s remarks did not go well with the opposition and also some of his allies. Roberto Saviano said this was abomination while Luigi Di Maio, Minister for Economic Development and the Deputy Prime Minister said that the plan was unconstitutional.

Matteo Salvini’s Way to ‘Deal’ With Roma Minority

According to Salvini, the dossier that was to be prepared would show who the Roma people were, how they live and their total numbers. They needed to be registered and those that were not Italian citizens would be deported.

Salvini is known to be an anti-immigrant politician who has been making it hard for migrants to live or enter Italy. He said that for the Roma people that were citizens, they had to be ‘kept’ home.

Salvini Rejects Racism Claims

Salvini is standing his ground in this and confirmed that he was not going to give up on his plan. The census will go on and those that were criticizing him of racism regarded his plan as wrong just because it was proposed by the right-wing.

He Clarified his Statement

Speaking after the outrage, Matteo Salvini said that no fingerprints should be taken and no registration should take place. Just like Iva Garibaldi, his press representative had said that their only motive was to protect the Roma children that were introduced to delinquency, Salvini stuck with these words. He denied any claims that he was discriminating against the ethnic group.