Behold The Amazing Whatsapp News For 2018

Nobody can deny the enormous impact that WhatsApp has had on us; It has become one of the essential applications on any phone. The question is: what will bring us news for 2018?

Respond in private

Now, in a group conversation, you can select someone to start a conversation in private as a response. In that private conversation, an appointment will be shown to the message you selected. A detail that may seem insignificant but will save us valuable seconds of our lives.

Videos within the application

In these moments, when they send you a YouTube video, you must leave the application to see it. To prevent this from happening, WhatsApp has developed a tool that allows us to see the videos without having to leave, in an adjustable window within the application.

This new functionality, which was intended for Whatsapp on the web, will probably be implemented also in cell phones.

Verification of companies

From now on, when we communicate with a company through WhatsApp, we can see 3 levels of verification: a question mark of gray color when they have not been verified, a badge of gray color when the number used matches the number of the company and a green badge when WhatsApp has verified your identity accurately.

Control of the groups

It seems that WhatsApp will increase the power of group administrators in 2018. While, on the one hand, they will not be able to eliminate the person who created them, they will be able to silence their members permanently or temporarily as many times as they want.

Group video calls

The video calls would admit only 3 members: the creator of the video call and 2 guests.

Optimization of images

A new way to optimize images will be added by WhatsApp to your application to decide how to compress each image sent according to the quality that is needed. In this way, we can save space and mobile data by receiving lighter images.

Shake to report

If you are chatting with a contact and you have a problem, simply shake your phone to access the WhatsApp error reporting menu. In this way, you can notify when you have a problem and even communicate with your customer service.

The WhatsApp news looks promising. These changes, beyond being small or not very transcendental, will fulfill their function: to provide the user with a more complete and friendly experience.