Lessons every man can learn from the Vikings

Have you ever wanted to live like a Viking? Maybe you have your own Viking memorabilia including an authentic Viking drinking horn. If so, then you may be interested in the lessons that can be learnt from these olden day men.

A lot of people think that men today are different from men in the ancient times, where being a man meant being a farmer or a warrior. Men were kings. They were smart, generous and strong. They fought for what they love and defended what they have.

The level of ambition of the Vikings in the past brought them close to death on a regular basis. Men who did not want to rise to power had to settle with the task of providing for his family and keeping them safe. The ambitious ones who wanted to rise to power were never satisfied with their simple daily routines, rather they wanted to see more and do more. In fact, they were completely consumed by what they can’t do. They were always working to reach their potential.

Today, ambitious men are willing to do likewise. They take risks and undergo difficult challenges in order to grow to new heights and achieve success, unlike some unmotivated men who readily accept mediocrity.  The fear of death has prevented a lot of men from living and striving to reach their full potential.

The state of a lot of men in the society is pitiful. That said, there are some vital lessons about manliness that every man can learn from the Vikings. In this article, we are going to be looking at some of these lessons.

Embracing death with open arms

Generally, Vikings are not afraid of death, rather they welcomed it in order for them to reach their potentials and achieve their goals. Due to the fact that Vikings embrace death as a friend rather than an enemy, they had the courage to venture into the uncharted water and to make new discoveries. The lesson, therefore, is that fear is a limiting factor and if we are able to banish it, we will be able to achieve our goals and reach our full potential.

Physical and mental toughness

Unlike the Vikings many men today do not work hard at the gym or at home to get the best body of their lives. The Vikings, on the other hand, were men who knew how important it is to be physically and mentally tough.

In the time of the Vikings, men were trained for war. This training was one of the factors that contributed to their ripped physic, thus enabling them to fight with dexterity at war.

Do the impossible

One amazing thing about the Vikings culture was that they were never satisfied, they always wanted more. And since the fear of death is not holding them back, they were willing to attempt things that would have been considered impossible or insane today.

Eat from the land

Presently the diet of many men is a mess. They settle for junks because they taste good. Vikings, on the other hand, ate what the land provided them, which was meat and vegetable.

The lesson for modern day men is that they have to improve their diet by cutting out junk food from their diet and eating food that will build them up physically and mentally.