Women Need More Sleep Than Men (New Study Reveals)

Attention, attention! Science has finally proven that women are smarter than men. Well, not actually smarter but their brain works harder and it’s the same.

According, to a recent study, a woman’s brain is more complexly build than a man’s brain. And guess what? That’s why females need more sleep than males.

Sleepy, anxious and tired women are smarter than men

Are you a sleepy woman who always feels anxious and tired? If yes, congratulations because you’re probably smarter than any men in your area. You and all the women around you. Spread the word females!

And if you wondered who’ve come up with this conclusion, give it up for Jim Horne. He’s a profession and the director of the Sleep Research Center at Loughborough University. In order to prove his theory, professor Horne has explained his study in detail. Read carefully.

Women use their brain more during the day than man

According to him, females who face insomnia are more prone to anxiety and depression, or even anger than males. The number of a male with the sleeping disorder is quite reduced compared to the number of females who face poor sleep.

During our sleep, the part of our brain that’s responsible for language, thought memory and other processes, recovers. And the more we use our cognitive abilities during the day, the more rest our brain needs during the night.

Women are good at multitasking unlike men who can’t do a few things at a time

Women are known as complex beings who are very flexible and can do different things at a time. Unlike men, who are using their brain less during the work day and are not very good at multitasking.

Although there are men whose profession requires much thinking as well, they still need less sleep than women. A woman’s brain is wired differently than a man’s brain and that’s a fact.

It’s also proven that women usually sleep 20 minutes more on average than man. Have you heard of the 8-hour sleeping rule? Well, it’s not accountable for women because they need more than the average 8 hours to rest and recover their brain.

Are you having trouble with sleeping recently? We have few tips that might help you!

·         Sleeping routine

Setting up a sleeping routine is a simple and easy way to improve your sleep. If you get your body and brain used to your new sleeping routine, insomnia will finally leave you alone.

·         Avoiding stimulant foods/drinks

Drinking energy drinks, beer or any other alcohol before sleeping makes it harder to sleep. Same goes for the stimulant hard food. Avoid eating at least 3 hours before you go to sleep.

·         Meditation/Yoga

Meditating or performing yoga will not only improve the work of your mind and body but also improve your sleep. Especially if you meditate or do yoga before going to sleep. We promise that insomnia will leave the other side of your bed and you will finally get the sleep you deserve.

·         Melatonin

1 to 3 mg Melatonin does miracles! It will certainly help you sleep better and you will finally beat insomnia. Try! You won’t lose anything except for formal.