Highly Intelligent People Are Also Very Intuitive

Intuition is every person’s inner compass. In other words, it’s our personal GPRS that helps us with important decisions, feelings, choices. Everyone is intuitive, however, not everyone uses their intuition and ease up their life. If you are using your intuition, you would avoid facing 95% of the problems and unpleasant situations. Intuition is never wrong and it’s been studied by experts recently.

Intuition is programmed to help us solve our everyday problems and deal or avoid unpleasant situations

Allegedly, they have discovered that people who are intuitive and use their intuition are highly intelligent as well. According to Gerd Gigerenzer, the director of the institute for human development, intuition is actually programmed to pay attention and reveal the information we need to solve problems.

You probably experienced that feeling when something inside of you is telling you that what you’re doing or experiencing is wrong or right. That’s your intuition talking. Gigerenzer has also written a book about intuition. He explains that he’s an intuitive person himself and believes that the meaningful work he’s doing is thanks to his intuition.  Or as we like to call it – instinct.

Intuition is the highest form of intelligence, according to experts

One day, a reader of his book, asked him a question. They asked why no one is relating intuition with intelligence. They also asked if it’s possible that if people who are intuitive and listen to their gut are highly intelligent as well.

Gigerenzer noted that it’s possible. He claimed that intuition is the highest form of intelligence. Even Albert Einstein once said that a person’s intuitive mind is a sacred present, unlike its rational mind that’s a loyal servant. However, we tend to worship the servant and ignore or completely forget about the present we received, said Einstein.

People who stay curious and are always open to learning new things give a complete workout to their intuition and become smarter

Gigerenzer’s explanation of intuition as the highest form of intelligence has a point. People who are willing to learn new things to upgrade their knowledge and are always curious, boost their intuition. These people also overthink possible solutions for their problems and often rely on their intuition. That implies that they’re smarter than other people who don’t know anything except complaining about problems and difficult situations, says Gigerenzer.

However, intuitive people can help others develop their intuition with sharing thoughts, ideas, arguments. When they prove that intuition actually works, others will be happy to try the new method of improving their life and become smarter. Intuitive people should never stay in their comfort zone and be static because their intuition will decline with time. Instead, they should think outside the box, exit their enter zones and never stop learning new things. Learning and being curious is like a workout for intuition.

Give your intuition the chance to guide you in life and become one of the highly intelligent people who listen to their intuition constantly

Are you intuitive but don’t use your intuition to ease up and improve your life? Are you willing to give your intuition a chance? If yes, feel free to rely on it and upgrade your potential. Become smarter and more flexible. Never ignore your gut and no matter what your mind tells you to do, do what your intuition is whispering. That way you will become one of the highly intelligent people who listen to their intuition no matter what.