When the palate goes South, the Negress heads West

Instead of blogging to live, the Negress has been living to blog. Once a decade or so, the Negress gets a whopping summer cold and 2010 was the year for this particular malady to revisit her. As a result, she couldn’t taste much in the way of wine since she couldn’t smell anything. The one exception was Caymus Conundrum, which is a pretty ripe and scented white that seemed to cut through the catarrh. Anyway, while coughing and sniffling and drinking the occasional beer, the Negress finalized her plans to move to the Chicago area. She found an awe-inspiring apartment in Evanston, and started the machinations of mail forwarding, moving goods and what have you. A trip to the Windy City yielded some potentially interesting opportunities that should bear some kind of fruit sooner than later. A detour to New York, New Jersey and environs

My newest favorite team

South Side rules even though I will live on the North Side

blended great friends, great food and some serious business involving the sale of art (if you know anyone who wants to buy a Sam Gilliam, e-mail me and I’ll put you in touch). The Negress is weary but did find time to visit Sushi Cherry, a gluten-free sushi place in Lakeview that’s lovely and excellent and cozy. It’s BYOB so she procured a bottle of Casa Lapostolle 09 Sauvignon Blanc, which paired perfectly with the sushi.

This much is sure: The Negress will remain a fan of the Nats, the Raiders (sigh) and the Devils, but will add the White Sox to her teams of choice. How can anyone root for the Cubs?