The extent of my Christmas shopping

The Negress remains unemployed with a couple of close calls upping the frustration quotient. However, she decided, for the most part, not to exchange presents. She will make a stab a returning the Christmas cards she received, but there is much else to be done. Her own well-being was secured with a timely purchase made in New Jersey to stock the wine cellar for many of the coming months.

Here’s how that went:
12 bottles 2007 Can Blau
12 bottles 2007 Casa Lapostolle Cabernet Sauvignon
12 bottles 2008 Lapostolle Sauvignon Blanc
6 bottles 2008 Yalumba Viognier Y Series
6 bottles 2006 Vina Zaco Rioja
6 bottles 2007 Trimbach Riesling
6 bottles 2009 Crios De Susana Balbo Malbec Rose
3 bottles Casteller Cava Rose NV
3 bottles La Marca Prosecco di Conegliano Valdobbiadene NV

What this list contains is some of my favorite solid citizens of the wine world — enjoyable, intermittently surprising and suitable for may occasions. The circumstances of how I came to get them is best left shrouded in mystery since I was informed loudly by a woman  that interstate transport of wine remains illegal if you are not a distributor.  Hypothetically, I suspect it happens all the time. So far the Negress has enjoyed some of the Malbec Rose (dry and rich) and quite a bit of the Casa Sauvignon Blanc and the Yalumba Viognier. Right now, there’s a couple of feet of snow on the ground so nicely chilled whites may seem inappropriate. They’re working for yours truly because they suit my mood of late — cool and light. I dropped some emotional burdens and am slowly getting rid of some physical ones. To that end, the tree and wreath are up. I am also heady with excitement for my other Christmas gift to me — a trip to see the Devils play the Caps at The Phone Booth. This game is meaningful beyond my usual devotion to my beloved Devils since the teams are neck and neck for the conference lead. I had very low expectations for my Satanic Mechanics this year. Happily, my lack of faith was misplaced. So Merry Christmas to all who do that particular observance and Happy Holidays for those who have either finished  with or are prepping for other fetes.